Michelin Philippines has launched a new tire, specifically designed for Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV) and pick-up trucks. Dubbed as the Primacy SUV tire, Michelin said that it was developed exclusively for the Asia Pacific’s road and weather conditions.

The Primacy SUV tire is said to have improved safety performance through the use of four key Michelin technologies such as FlexMax 2.0, StabiliGrip, CushionGuard and EvenPeak.

Michelin explained that the FlexMax 2.0 technology is a flexible tire tread compound which adapts to the shape of the road, yielding better traction. The company added that the FlexMax 2.0 also has chamfered tread blocks that prevents tire distortion under pressure.

The StabiliGrip technology has self-locking blocks or smaller slits which minimizes tread block deformation. It also improves handling and braking in both wet and dry conditions.

The EvenPeak technology reduces road noise by having tread blocks of varying sizes. Michelin claims that the Primacy SUV tires are 8 % quieter as compared to its competitors.

Lastly, the CushionGuard technology absorbs vibrations through a layer of noise-filtering rubber; reducing vibrations caused by bumpy roads.   

Michelin Primacy SUV tire launch

Aside from the said technologies, the Primacy SUV tire offers the following safety features:

(1) 2.2 meters shorter braking distance on wet roads

(2) 6-percent improved grip in wet cornering

(3) 1.9 meters shorter braking distance in dry conditions

Michelin Philippines chief representative Michael Nunag said, “SUVs are larger, more robust vehicles [that] can at times be more difficult to handle and to stop, especially on wet roads. The Michelin Primacy SUV tire was developed to address these needs and provide maximum safety and protection to the driver and their family.”

The Primacy SUV tire sizes range from 15- to 18-inches and are already available at all authorized Michelin dealers nationwide. Michelin said that prices vary per tire size and dealers offer varied price points. Exact figures were not released by the company but, Michelin said that the Primacy SUV tire is priced competitively.