Michelin, the Official Global Partner and tire supplier of this year's Shell Eco Marathon for the second straight year recently presented energy-efficient tires along with a seminar about road safety and its importance to everyone.

"The Michelin and Shell partnership are aligned with valuing innovation for better mobility, that also pursues energy-efficient and safe solutions for mobility.” said Michael Nunag, Chief Representative of Michelin Philippines.

The tires showcased during the Shell Eco-Marathon feature a lightweight construction that provide low rolling resistance, optimal traction and longer travel time for the prototype vehicles present in the event. According to Michelin, the tires are approximately 6 times more efficient than one of the best energy efficient tires on the market (Michelin Energy EV).

Michelin explaining about their efficient tires

Apart from the sponsor exhibition where the public had a chance to see the product and performances of Michelin Tires, the company also hosted the Michelin Road Safety City 2015 at the Fanzone area. A first for SEMA in Manila, the concept behind Michelin Road Safety City is to get everyone, especially the kids, in on the importance of road safety.

Ruedee Euachongprasit, Director of Communication and Brands of Michelin East Asia and Austraila, stated that road safety is everyone's responsibility.

“What we want to bring to all the participants is the basic but important knowledge that will keep them safe on the road. This includes respecting traffic rules, the meaning of road signs, and how to avoid danger on the road. All the activities are designed to demonstrate the importance of road safety, with the hope that this will help to reduce road accidents,”said Euachongprasit.