MINI will equip its future models with a number of driver assist systems that make use of intelligent networking for driver-vehicle communication. These functions will further improve MINI vehicles’ proposition of innovative comfort and safety technology.

The MINI Connected that had already been able to integrate the Apple iPhone in the MINI operating system since its introduction in 2007. From 2011 onwards, other online-based functions can be added to the MINI Connected package with the help of applications.

The MINI head-up display aims to improve the driver’s concentration on the road by putting relevant information on the driver’s line of vision. The display will feed information without requiring the driver to take the eyes off the road. This allows the driver to immediately see the collision warning, pedestrian warning, and city braking function.

Other MINI driver assist system innovations include the use of video-based speed and distance control for keeping the vehicle in a safe distance from the vehicle in front; parking assist feature for comfort in searching and using parking spaces; and speed limit information system that detects and displays speed limits. There is also a digital headlight assist function that optimizes visual conditions for drivers travelling at night.