Mini has just celebrated a significant manufacturing milestone as their Oxford factory has just rolled out the 3-millionth there: a 5-door Cooper S with a Union Jack inspired exterior livery honoring the car's British heritage. In addition, the factory has also produced the company's 2-millionth international export which is a Volcanic Orange Mini Hatch that is on its way to a customer in Japan.

"I congratulate the workers at Mini Plant Oxford on reaching this remarkable milestone. The Mini is a British icon and is a major part of a thriving automotive industry spearheading the growing British economy. This government is working to create the right environment for car manufacturers like BMW to continue innovating and developing British-made cars with worldwide appeal,” said Transport Minister Baroness Kramer.

The Mini brand was refreshed under the guidance of BMW back in 2001 and has since planted 110 markets all over the world with the USA as their biggest market and followed by UK, Germany, China and France. Mini started with only one model but now, the company is offering 7 different models, enabling the brand to offer various cars for different needs.

"Everyone here is proud to be celebrating these two great milestones. The complexity of producing Minis for individual customers in more than 110 markets around the globe is a real testimony to the expertise of our workforce,” said Frank Bachmann, managing director of MINI Plants Oxford and Swindon.