Report: Mitsubishi boss says next-gen Lancer unlikely

Report: Mitsubishi boss says next-gen Lancer unlikely image

Martin Aguilar / Mitsubishi Press | March 17, 2015 10:47

Mitsubishi will focus on SUVs

Mitsubishi has revealed that they are not developing a successor for the Lancer as the Japanese company shifts their focus on SUVs.

In a report by CarAdvice, Mitsubishi President and Chief Operating Officer Tetsuro Aikawa said that the development of sedans is not part of their plan. Aikawa added that this situation is unlikely to change as long as he’s the company’s boss.  

“Unfortunately, for a while we are not planning any development of sedans. While I’m the president probably no introduction of the next-generation Lancer…we will continue to sell current Lancer,” said Aikawa.

With this, Mitsubishi intends to invest in developing SUVs, plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles. Aikawa also said that the Japanese automaker won’t produce a new Lancer because of the highly competitive sedan segment which would result into difficulty to come up with a profit.

Source: CarAdvice