It was back in 1978 when Mitsubishi Motor Corporation (MMC) first introduced the L200 pickup truck into their model line. Back then, the pickup was known in Japan as the Forte. Locally, however, we first knew it as the L200; but today, it is called the Strada. Now, just a mere 40 years later, the Japanese automaker has already produced millions of their ever-reliable workhorse and is said to have brought mobility to more than 4 million people across the globe.

The original Forte truck from 1978 was first developed to provide a 1-ton carrying capacity and was easy to drive. But, it also needed to have a rugged ability as well as durability. Because of its capabilities, the L200 has become one of the most favored trucks all over the world be it in the frozen wastes to the sun-baked deserts.

In 1980, MMC built the first ever 4x4 version of the pickup truck. The company says that this 4WD system became the foundation for modern Mitsubishi 4WD vehicles which leads directly to the Pajero, Montero, Delica, and even the modern-day L200/Strada.

To this day, the Strada as we know it locally continues to be built in Thailand with the same ideology behind it. In fact, Mitsubishi has already spawned five generations of the popular pickup truck.

Today, it seems that something is brewing inside Mitsubishi. Based on the official teaser photo and spy shots, the next-gen Strada will follow the brand's current design language and will look similar to the Montero Sport.

For the time being, there is still no official word as to when the new Strada will make its debut. That said, the next-gen Strada is speculated to debut before the year ends.