In 2017, Mitsubishi introduced the e-Evolution Concept as a successor to the legendary Lancer Evolution model. Unlike the high-performance sedan, however, the e-Evolution Concept is an all-electric crossover. At the moment, there are still a lot of unknown variables about the concept and its upcoming production model. During the concept's debut, Mitsubishi only announced that it featured 4WD and a Dual Motor Active Yaw Control (AYC) system. Now, new details have started to emerge about the upcoming Evolution.

Next-gen Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution to be based on Nissan X-Trail? image

According to Forbes, the next-generation model will be revived with a little help from Nissan. Specifically, the report suggests that the production version of the e-Evolution will be built on the Nissan X-Trail platform. Furthermore, the project will be led by Nissan and will feature the brand's Pro-Pilot driver assistance system. Nissan will also be introducing 4WD, and possibly their e-Power system. With that in mind, it will likely use a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine that will act as a generator to recharge the batteries which power the electric motors.

Considering how Nissan and Mitsubishi already share platforms (i.e. Xpander and Grand Livina), the next-generation Evo being based on the X-Trail is another part of their collaboration. More so, both Japanese marques have more experience when it comes to building electric vehicles and powertrains. Some of the cars in their electric/hybrid portfolio include the Nissan Leaf and Note EV, as well as the Outlander PHEV from Mitsubishi.

For now, nothing has yet to be confirmed by the automaker. However, the move to the crossover body does seem to cement Mitsubishi's stand on building more of them, as well as electrification. If it's any consolation for some out there, at least the Evolution name continues on.

Source: Forbes