At the 2019 Bangkok International Motor Show, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) is set to unveil a special edition Strada (Triton) pickup. According to MMC, it won’t be like any other Strada we’ve seen from them before. The Japanese automaker says that the Strada slated to debut in Thailand will be ‘Absolutely Beyond Tough’. At the same time, Mitsubishi has also revealed a teaser photo of the upcoming pickup albeit darkened to hide the changes and modifications. 

According to Mitsubishi, the designers of the pickup were given free rein to design a vehicle which represents what the Strada is all about. That said, expect the upcoming Strada to be the most extreme variant ever especially considering how company designers went all out to build the truck. 

Aside from those mentioned above, no other details were revealed regarding the heavily modified Strada. We will have to rely on the lone teaser photo released by Mitsubishi to give us an idea of what a truck that is ‘Absolutely Beyond Tough’ looks like. With only the front fascia revealed, it appears to have retained the factory bumper and two-tier headlight design. Noticeably, there are also new red skid plates. A pair of slim LED light bars fitted onto the roof as well, similar to units found on the Engelberg Tourer.

Curiously, the grill has been entirely blacked out aside from the Mitsubishi logo. Keen-eyed readers would also notice that chunky all-terrain tires have been fitted as well. Meanwhile, the special edition Strada seems to have a taller ride height, likely thanks to new shocks and springs.

We will likely know more about the special Strada once it debuts at the 40th Bangkok International Motor Show in Thailand from March 25 to April 7.