Even more crossover and SUVs for Mitsubishi?

Mitsubishi has busy years ahead of them. While it's more work for the automaker, it's a good sign since new models are coming in. Right now, we're expecting the next-generation Strada to roll out next year, along with the all-new Xpander and Montero Sport.

But Mitsubishi Motors has more in store for us. Aside from the ones mentioned prior, the brand has four yet-to-be-named models coming soon. With the brand tasked to lead the Alliance (Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi) in ASEAN, there are high expectations from these four future offerings. According to the manufacturer, some of these will be out as early as 2023.

From their presentation, it appears that Mitsubishi Motors will have four crossovers or SUVs in the pipeline. Two of them could be midsize or compact crossovers, and the other two seem to be subcompact crossovers. Curiously, there is no mention of a next-generation Mirage. Does this mean Mitsubishi won't develop a new budget car? Mitsubishi said they are committed to crossovers now, so it might be the case.

Mitsubishi has four more models coming in 2023 image

These models, along with the next-generation Strada, Xpander, and Montero Sport, aim to reach what the brand calls MMC-ness. Judging from the timeline, a subcompact crossover could arrive by early 2023, and a compact (or mid-size) crossover by the middle of that year. The remaining two models could be launched by late 2023 or early 2024.

As for other plans, Mitsubishi Motors will expand their hybrid and plug-in hybrid line-up. They will also develop electric vehicles with Nissan and Renault. They will also co-develop hybrids alongside their partners.

Of course, all this will depend on the current situation. Given the unpredictability and uncertainty at the moment, the target dates might get pushed back in the worst-case scenario. That's not something we would want, and we're hoping Mitsubishi gets to launch these models on time.