Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) recently introduced to the market the all-new Galant 240M. Billed as the successor to the "shark-nosed", 4G63-powered Galant, the company hopes that the Php 1.548 M (suggested introductory price*), 2.4-liter 4G69 (same engine as the current Lancer Evolution) –powered executive sedan will shoehorn itself into the full-size passenger car segment. "The introduction of the all-new Galant reinforces MMPC's passenger car lineup and gives us the opportunity to improve further our total passenger car market share," said MMPC president and CEO Kengo Takase.

The new Galant carries dimensions (4885 mm length, 1840 mm width, 1480 mm height and 1997 mm total cabin room length) significantly larger than its predecessor and boasts of the best in-class dimensions versus rivals such as the Toyota Camry, Honda Accord and Nissan Cefiro. An examination of the front exterior reveals a striking three-diamond mark on the grille; on the other hand quad headlamps (with automatic on-off feature) and HID main lamps (with user selectable level adjustment) provide an excellent view of the road at night, along with low glare foglamps. At the rear of the vehicle, combination lamps (with 24-hour radiant LEDs at each side) provide great visibility for improved safety. Taking a cue from European sedans, the Galant features LED turn signal lamps (integrated within the power-folding side mirrors) and a fin-type antenna mounted on the rear edge of the roof.

Step inside the Galant and one will appreciate the individually designed and ergonomically designed cabin, in which both driver and passengers will feel completely at ease and enjoy long journeys in comfort. The seats are wrapped in glove-soft black leather, accented by slim darkwood/chrome trimmings while the driver's seat features eight-way power adjustment (with variable lumbar support). Dashboard ergonomics are precise and easy to read, with the gauge cluster featuring three-stage high-contrast illumination and the center dashboard console featuring a CD/MP3/FM/AM head unit and a fully automatic (and adjustable) climate control system.

The front armrest is retractable, while the rear armrest indulges the passengers to fully relax. Attention to detail can be seen in the presence of holders (optional for the Galant) for rounded or square beverages and a bevy of storage compartment bins throughout the cabin. A low level unobtrusive amber light (located within the front room lamp) is also turned on when driving at night in order to provide soft illumination for the driver and front passenger. And sunvisors (with illuminated vanity mirrors), front room and map lamps, rear reading lamps and a retractable rear shade (for privacy and protection from the sun) ensure the all Galant occupants will ride in great comfort and style.

Powering the Galant is the very same all-aluminum, 2.4-liter 4G69 MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing and lift Electronic Control System) engine found in the current Lancer Evolution, known for optimizing output by enabling variable engine timing. At low RPM ranges, the Galant's MIVEC uses a low/medium cam profile that creates valve timing with little overlap, maximizing fuel efficiency, torque and low-end pick-up while minimizing exhaust emissions. At high ranges (3600+ RPM) the MIVECF switches to a high cam profile that results in larger valve overlap, taking advantage of air intake speeds to increase flow into the cylinder with each cycle, thereby producing a quick and responsive engine throughout the rev range and a stat sheet of 162 ps maximum power output and 22.3 kg-m of torque.

The Galant's 4G69 engine is mated to a dual control program, four-speed INVECS (Intelligent and Innovative Vehicle Electronic Control System)-II a/t with Sportronic. The first program within the Galant's INVECS-II system is billed as Optimum Shift Control, in which the ECU monitors throttle position, vehicle speed and braking. Then, from its database of shift patterns, the ECU selects the ideal gear and shift timing in order to avoid inappropriate gear selections (such as when climbing hills). The second program is billed as Adaptive Shift Control, in which the ECU observes the driver's style and builds a data profile based on engine output, tire load and foot braking. The computer then adjusts gearshift timing to suit the driver's style. For enhanced driving pleasure with both programs, the Galant's INVECS-II is equipped with a faux sequential Sportronic mode, allowing the driver to manually (and clutchlessly) select gear changes by moving the lever to "+" for upshifts (in an upward motion) or "-" for downshifts (in a downward motion.

The Galant's smooth ride and stable handling can be attributed to an all-wheel independent suspension system. McPherson struts with stabilizer bars up front and multi-link struts with stabilizer bars at the rear assure quick response to steering inputs, reducing understeer and improving cornering stability when powering through turns even when road conditions turn tricky. Seven-spoke 16-inch wheels wrapped around 215/60 R16 low profile tires provide excellent grip, while large four-wheel disc brakes and tandem brake boosters (with four-sensor, three-channel equipped ABS and EBD) prevent locking and ensure that the car can be steered properly even during emergency braking.

The Galant 240M uses Mitsubishi's RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) body technology which uses a straight frame rail design to efficiently and effectively absorb and disperse collision energy. The use of composite materials (for the octagon section front chassis and the pillar bracing inside the body panels) enhance the safety levels while reducing overall weight. Other secondary safety aids that make the gallant a safe car include a driver's side airbag, front occupant three-point ELR seatbelts (with pretensioners) and rear occupant three-point ELR/ALR (Automatic Locking Retractor, very useful for child safety seats) ISO-Fix seatbelts and center lapbelt.

For security, the Galant features a keyless entry security system with engine immobilizer. The original set of keys included in the car features a built-in transponder that sends a unique verification code to the ignition switch to protect itself from unauthorized duplicated keys. The remote transmitter can also be used for opening the trunk, while opening the trunk or the engine hood in a wide angle can be done with less effort thanks to incorporated trunk/hood gas struts.

The Galant 240M initially comes in two colors: Merlin Black and Excalibur Silver.