There is one model that we've been waiting for Mitsubishi Motors Philippines to launch. Of course, some would say the Lancer Evolution, but that doesn't currently exist in their global line up, albeit they did give us the Lancer Evolution X... 10 years ago.

No, what we've been wanting Mitsubishi to finally bring to the domestic market is their first hybrid: the Outlander PHEV. And after many previews and initial drives over the past 6 years, both in the Philippines (with test cars) and abroad, Mitsubishi is ready to finally plug-in.

Mitsubishi launches Outlander plug-in hybrid for almost PhP 3M image

The company has just announced that they have launched the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, in the Philippines. This marks the first time that Mitsubishi Motors Philippines has launched an electrified model for sale in our market, as previously the company only brought in electric or electrified vehicles as special donations (i.e. Outlander PHEV to select government offices) or as demonstrator cars for special events (i.e. iMIEV).

MMPC is very excited to launch the Outlander PHEV in the Philippine market as the car best represents Mitsubishi’s expertise in automotive engineering and its ever-evolving technology,” said Mutsuhiro Oshikiri, MMPC's president and CEO. “The Philippines is one of the strongest markets of the brand and we are honored to be given the opportunity to make the Outlander PHEV available here in the country.”

The Outlander PHEV is the top-tier variant of the third generation Outlander range. The crossover has seating for 5 persons, a maximum cargo capacity of 1602 liters with the rear seats down, an 8-inch touchscreen audio system with Bluetooth and Android Auto, and a variety of advanced safety features that include adaptive cruise control, forward collision mitigation, blind-spot warning, lane change assist, automatic high beam, rear cross-traffic alert, and the ultrasonic misacceleration mitigation system.

Mitsubishi launches Outlander plug-in hybrid for almost PhP 3M image

The key to this Outlander is the PHEV system comprised of two electric motors, a 2.4-liter Atkinson MIVEC engine, and a 13.8 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that can be charged by either the engine or by plugging it into a charging port at home or wherever there's a compatible charging station. The PHEV is four-wheel-drive using an 82 PS motor in front and the second 95 PS motor driving the back.

Mitsubishi launches Outlander plug-in hybrid for almost PhP 3M image

Unlike a parallel hybrid such as the Prius wherein the electric motor and the gasoline engine can provide power to the wheels, the series hybrid in the Outlander PHEV means that the electric motors exclusively send power to the wheels; the gasoline engine acts as a generator unit for the battery pack.

Mitsubishi says the Outlander PHEV can do up to 55.5 kilometers per liter, albeit under different conditions. On a full charge, the Outlander PHEV can drive on pure electricity for up to 60 kilometers, depending on the conditions. During a local drive of a pre-launch unit, I were able to get 16 km/l in local provincial driving conditions.

Globally, the Outlander is the best selling plug-in hybrid model with over 260,000 units sold in various regions such as North America, Europe, Japan, and Australia. Locally, Mitsubishi will start selling the Outlander PHEV with one dealer partner: Peak Motors Philippines, Inc. (PMPI), the Mitsubishi dealership near Manila Bay. PMPI will also install a Vehicle 2 Home (V2H) system in their dealership to demonstrate how the Outlander can provide power to home if need be.

Other provincial dealers will follow and introduce the Outlander PHEV next year. These dealers include Fast Autoworld Philippines Corporation, SFM Sales Corporation, Motor Plaza Incorporated, and Mindanao Integrated Commercial Enterprises Incorporated.

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines used to offer the first and second-generation Outlander models, but opted not to launch the third-generation model in the country. The reason was simple: pricing.

Previous Outlander units were made in Japan, and the pricing and exchange rates made those models unfeasible for a local launch. That was the major reason behind the discontinuation of the Outlander for the Philippine market, much more so with the range-topping and tech-laden PHEV variant given that the engine displacement doesn't qualify it for JPEPA.

Even with the excise tax breaks under the new tax law, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines is offering the Outlander PHEV for PhP 2,998,000.

Do you think the Outlander PHEV will sell well in the local market?