After its launch in Russia and Europe, the Outlander has finally made its way to Japan. Mitsubishi Motors Corporation(MMC) announced the launch of the all-new 2013 Outlander mid-size SUV for the Japan market at dealerships throughout Japan today.

Following the new Mirage, the new Outlander is also a "global strategic model" for MMC which will be rolled out globally. First launched in Russia in July, and then in Europe in September, the new Outlander is enjoying an excellent debut with over 10,000 orders taken in Russia already as of last month. Following its launch in Japan the new model will be introduced in other markets, including Oceania and North America.

In Japan, the new Outlander series is offered in four trim levels: the 24G, 24G Safety Package, 24G Navi Package 2.4-liter gasoline powered 4WD models and the 20G 2.0-liter gasoline powered 2WD model. The price range is rom ¥2,427,000 to ¥3,100,000.

4WD models are powered by the 4J12 2.4-liter MIVEC engine while 2WD models are used the 4J11 2.0-liter MIVEC engine. The powertrain uses the same Auto Stop & Go idle-stop system as the Mirage and Delica D:5. The 4WD models use the latest version of MMC's electronically controlled four-wheel drive system which allows the driver to select one of three modes for different road surface conditions.


The third-row seat is wider and offers more leg room and comfort. 120 mm wider than on its predecessor, and now uses a 4-step reclining mechanism. The second-row seats, meanwhile, feature a slide travel of 250 mm, providing more legroom for third- row seat occupants and easier access to the third-row seat.

Offered for the first time on a MMC product, 24G Safety Package and 24G Navi Package trim levels come standard with the company's new "e-Assist" advanced safety technology which helps prevent forward collisions and lane drifting.

The new Outlander is offered in a choice of six body colors. A new Copper Metallic finish, which combines a look of high quality and a touch of sportiness to impart a mature composure to the car's appearance, joins Cosmic Blue Mica, Black Mica, Titanium Grey Metallic, Cool Silver Metallic and White Pearl.

Meanwhile, a representative from Mitsubishi Motor Philippines said that they have no plans yet of bringin in the Outlander.