A few weeks ago, it appeared that the facelifted Mitsubishi Montero Sport was spotted prowking the roads of Thailand. While the photos somewhat confirm that Mitsubishi is revamping the popular PPV, the details weren't so clear at the time. This time around, our friends from Headlight Magazine served up a fresh batch of photos, and they got close to the SUV too.

Changes to the 2019 Montero Sport appear to be minor as all the covers at the front. Even from there, it's difficult to spot the changes thanks to the swirl-themed camouflage. However, the Mitsubishi hadge appears to be more prominent than before, suggesting that there will be a new grill come next year. Covers on the headlight clusters also suggest that they have been changed in some way for 2019. As for the bumper, it looks like it will be the same as the current Montero Sport but perhaps there might be trim changes along the way.

It looks like Mitsubishi won't change rear of 2019 Montero Sport

Another noticeable difference between the current model and facelifted model are the wheels. Instead of the multi-spoke design, this particular test car sports six-spoke wheels with gray inserts. As for the rest of the car, it is largely carried over. Those hoping the tail lights will be changed come facelift time may be disappointed as it's still the same ones found in the 2016 model. The lone change made to the rear is a thicker faux skid plate.

For now, there is no solid information on what exactly has been changed in the 2019 Montero Sport. The engine is likely to still be the 2.4-liter MIVEC turbodiesel unit, which makes 181 PS and 430 Nm of torque. However, there might be more unseen changes to the PPV, such as new suspension settings, or additional tech.