When the 2020 Mitsubishi Montero Sport made its local debut, there was one noticeable omission in the lineup. That’s the lack of a four-wheel drive variant, which is a bit unusual in the truck-based, mid-sized SUV class.

If you recall an article we released about the subject, Mitsubishi actually explained why there’s no 4x4 Montero Sport, at least for now. In a nutshell, the added weight of the four-wheel drive system, along with other features, put the 2020 Montero Sport 4WD out of the emissions threshold of its segment. Because of that, that particular variant of the Montero Sport had to be put on a weight loss program in order to meet regulation. Now, it seems that they’ve resolved that issue.

The manufacturer has, indeed, confirmed that the Montero Sport 4WD will be arriving during the first quarter of 2020. We’re genuinely curious as to how they trimmed off the weight, but it’s possible that there could be some features that have been omitted. Of course, we’re not suggesting the four-wheel drive Montero Sport will be stripped down, and we expect it to come with front and rear automatic emergency braking. If that’s the case, we’d gladly trade the sunroof (standard in the pre-facelift GT 4WD) for that safety feature.

With that, the off-road ready Montero Sport will arrive in the country by January at the earliest, and March by the latest. Engine and transmission will be the same as the 4x2 models with its 2.4-liter MIVEC turbodiesel. Price? There’s nothing official yet but if you take a look at its competition, you might get a general idea. All the range-topping mid-size SUVs are typically in the ballpark of Php 2 million to Php 2.3 million. We’re pegging (and hoping) the Montero Sport 4WD will be somewhere in the middle.