The fight against the COVID-19 pandemic is one that can’t be won alone. As a result, companies around the world have joined forces with medical and research facilities in order to create various equipment (masks, ventilators, etc.) to help both front liners and patients. Some have even made their products open-source in a bid to help others around the world.

In order to help fight against the pandemic, some of the biggest companies in Japan have joined forces and launched the Open COVID-19 Declaration last May 7. At the time of its launch, 20 companies have pledged including Canon Inc., Geno Concierge Kyoto, Nissan, Toyota, and Honda. Today, there are a total of 57 companies have joined, with one of the most recent being Mitsubishi Motors Corporation.

Mitsubishi Motors pledges not to patent COVID-19 tech image

As a signatory of the Open COVID-19 Declaration, Mitsubishi Motors pledges not to enforce intellectual property rights for research or other efforts aimed at ending the pandemic. Specifically, members will not “seek compensation nor assert any patents, utility models, designs or copyrights against any activities, which purpose to stop the epidemic, until the World Health Organization (WHO) declares the end of the COVID-19 outbreak”.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, the fastest way to beat the virus is by working together.