It looks like Mitsubishi is having a busy year indeed.

On top of the news that revealed regarding their interest in the ex-Ford plant in Santa Rosa and subsequent confirmation and acquisition, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) is targeting another development: establishing a formal training school for automotive factory workers for overseas manpower needs.

As relayed to us by a high-level executive within the company, the idea of establishing a Mitsubishi International Training Center in the Philippines is still in its very early proposal. The Mitsubishi ITC would be co-located with the new MMPC headquarters in Santa Rosa, Laguna.

“Global car brands, not just Mitsubishi, have a tendency to pirate Filipino mechanics from local car companies and dealers for overseas automobile factories,” said our source. “Filipino laborers are highly recognized for their hard work, their competence and dedication to their respective employers abroad.”

The trend of acquiring and even pirating Pinoy mechanics, assemblers and factory workers in general is common for overseas operations. The locations cited by our source include countries in the Middle East, India and even Australia.

Instead of depleting the employee base of local companies -automotive or otherwise- the Mitsubishi ITC could fill the employment needs of overseas Mitsubishi operations with laborers that have been trained to international standards.

Several other manufacturers and distributors have established training schools such as Isuzu with the Isuzu-TESDA Training Center, the Porsche Training Center and the Toyota Motor Philippines School of Technology.