Mitsubishi Motors Philippines, Corp. (MMPC) has responded to a report claiming the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), through its Fair Trade Enforcement Bureau (FTEB) ordered a recall of the Montero Sport.

An article dated June 7, 2017 on the Malaya Business Insight entitled, "DTI orders recall of Montero Sport" said the DTI-FTEB has ordered the recall of "the Mitsubishi Montero automatic transmission 2010 to 2015 models" in an order dated May 10, 2017. approved by the adjudication division of the FTEB.

MMPC said that no recall will be conducted yet as the DTI-FTEB's decision is "not yet final and executory." MMPC has filed a Motion for Reconsideration against the regulatory ruling.

The car manufacturer has declined to discuss details of the case to avoid influencing the adjudication of the issue. It did however say that the final decision on the matter rests with the DTI Secretary.

The order calls on MMPC to "cease and desist from marketing and selling Mitsubishi Montero automatic transmission 2010 to 2015 models and report compliance of this directive within 15 working days from receipt of the order." MMPC is "to publish in a newspaper of general circulation a product recall order within 20 days after finality of the decision that it is recalling Mitsubishi automatic transmission 2010-2015 models." The company is "to refund the money value of the vehicles of the 24 complainants in the case, taking into consideration depreciation of the vehicles..." And finally, MMPC is also being asked "to pay an administrative fine of P300,000."

It is worth noting that the 2010 to 2015 models of the Montero Sport are no longer being marketed as it has been replaced with an all-new model since 2016 as part of its product life-cycle change.

It further states that "...substantial evidence has been presented not relating to the genuine occurrence of SUA but pertaining to the fact that the Mitsubishi Montero automatic transmission 2010-2015 models vehicles are with defect in its design which breeds susceptibility for pedal misapplication..."

Mitsubishi has since issued a statement regarding the reported ruling. The full statement reads:

“The directive of the Department of Trade and Industry-Fair Trade and Enforcement Bureau to recall the Montero Sport is NOT yet final and executory. It is important that in the findings of the DTI-FTEB itself found that there is no basis for any of the claims of Sudden Unintended Acceleration in the Montero Sport.

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation has filed for a Motion for Reconsideration against the regulatory ruling by the DTI-FTEB concerning the 2010-2015 Montero Sport automatic.

Given our absolute commitment to customer safety, our principal Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Japan commissioned Horiba Mira Ltd., a specialist automotive engineering company based in the UK to conduct tests on this alleged SUA claims. Horiba Mira found no technical issue with the 2010-2015 Montero Sport automatic.

We remain confident of the technical integrity of these models, and will robustly defent the safety compliance of the vehicle concerned.

No safety-related concerns on SUA have been raised in any other market concerning the Montero Sport (2010-2015) automatic, of which 360,000 units have been sold around the world. 

We will not comment further until the adjudication process is complete.”

The public is advised to await the final and official resolution to the issue.