To further improve operations within the country, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) recently invested around Php 360 million on additional land to construct its new container yard and materials handling operation (MHO) warehouse. The acquisition of new land has further increased the total area of MMPC's Santa Rosa plant from 21 hectares to around 23 hectares and building area from 83,000 sq.m to 120,500 sq.m.

Prior to the new investment, MMPC has been leasing three storage facilities outside of the Santa Rosa plant. These facilities then housed their stockpile of completely knock down units together with development parts.

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines invests in new materials handling facilities

MMPC says that the investment in new land will improve the operational efficiency and quality of products constructed in the plant. This is thanks to them alreadt being housed within MMPC's vicinity reducing cost of transportation.

“The reduction in storage, transportation, and MHO cost will further improve the operational efficiency and quality of our products,” said MMPC Vice President for Manufacturing Division, Mr. Arnaldo T. Janolo.

The container yards and materials handling warehouse facilities have already began operations last October. These new facilities are expect to further production of the Mitsubishi Mirage which is currently being produced at the Santa Rosa plant.