Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has created a new corporate slogan for Japan and has started using it in television commercials and other domestic advertising last September 30.

Reflecting Mitsubishi Motors corporate philosophy of delivering "the utmost driving pleasure and safety," the "Kuruma zukuri no genten e" (meaning "Pursuing the Origins of Car Engineering" in English. The English phrase will not be used in the company's marketing efforts) corporate slogan promises customers that the company is firmly committed to car building activities that treasure the qualities traditionally associated with the Mitsubishi Motors brand.

As used in the phrase, "genten", or "origins", refers to: (1) As a member of society, contributing by placing customers first; (2) Affirming the car building strengths Mitsubishi Motors has cultivated over the years and the qualities that identify the Mitsubishi Motors brand.

The new corporate slogan will spur Mitsubishi Motors: (1) To continue building cars that deliver outstanding on and off-road performance, which is the essential appeal of the automobile, and continue car building activities that realize levels of safety, reliability and durability that inspire confidence in and encourage customers to use Mitsubishi brand cars; (2) To continue addressing environmental challenges with full sincerity.

The new corporate slogan was chosen after the company invited all employees to submit suggestions, which totaled 1,126 entries, as a way of conveying through their actions their determination to honor the above stated promise to the customer.

The winning corporate slogan does not point to some regressive longing for the past. Rather it refers to the commitment by every employee of giving careful and thorough consideration to what customers are really seeking in their car purchases and then supplying cars and service that surpass customer expectations, while at the same time retaining the superior qualities and assets that identify and characterize car development and manufacturing at Mitsubishi Motors.

The new mid-sized SUV and i next-generation minicar, to be launched in October and January respectively, will be the first Mitsubishi Motors products to embody the spirit and principles advocated in "Kuruma zukuri no genten e." The corporate slogan will also serve as the theme for the Tokyo Motor Show where the company will be exhibiting concept cars and near-future technologies.