If you're planning to buy an all-new car this 2021, chances are you might have noticed that some automakers have already raised the prices on some of their models. For the past few days, Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, and Nissan increased the suggested retail price (SRP) on most of their vehicles.

Joining the list of automakers making changes to their price list is Mitsubishi. But unlike most manufacturers which only raised the prices, Mitsubishi actually slashed the SRP on some of their models.

Mitsubishi PH raises, cuts prices on select vehicles image

Beginning with the company's smallest offering, the Mirage Hatchback gets a PHP 5,000 price hike for both the GLX M/T and GLX CVT variants. The former now retails for PHP 704,000 while the latter has a sticker price of PHP 765,000.

Next on the list is the Montero Sport. The entry-level GLX 2WD M/T received a PHP 3,000 increase – now priced at PHP 1,568,000. While the GLX received a minor price bump, the GLS 2WD A/T and GT 2WD A/T models got a pretty significant price drop.

Mitsubishi PH raises, cuts prices on select vehicles image

The GLS 2WD version is now priced at PHP 1,728,000, slashing PHP 41,000 off. On the other hand, the GT 2WD now retails for PHP 1,928,000 thanks to a PHP 70,000 reduction. Meanwhile, the top-spec Montero GT 4WD retains its original price of PHP 2,450,000.

Models that were not affected by the company's price adjustment include the Mirage G4, Xpander, Xpander Cross, Strada, Strada Athlete, Outlander PHEV, Pajero, and the L300.

While most of Mitsubishi's vehicles managed to keep their original prices, the looming safeguard bond imposed by the DTI will come into effect later this month. This could mean that some of the vehicles on sale in the country will become slightly more expensive.