Over a year ago, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) announced that it planned to begin exporting the Mirage/Mirage G4, as well as the L300.

Now, after MMPC has achieved its 200,000th unit production milestone for the L300, the company is preparing to exporting light commercial vehicles to other ASEAN markets.

Under the company's new mid-term plan, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) has strategized how will they be able to capitalize on producing more cars, reducing costs, as well as exporting more vehicles within the ASEAN market. For the Philippines, they want MMPC to start producing and export light commercial vehicles for ASEAN countries.

Mitsubishi L300 export image

Now while Mitsubishi did not exactly state as to what LCV will be exported, MMPC announced that they are currently finalizing the plans to begin exporting the L300 to other ASEAN markets.

“We are committed to further grow and expand the business of Mitsubishi Motors in the Philippines. We are in the process of finalizing our plans to export L300 to other ASEAN countries, which makes us the only automotive manufacturer in the Philippines to export vehicles. We will work even harder to enhance MMPC plant’s competitiveness and quality so that we can make L300 a trusted model in ASEAN,” said Takao Kato, CEO of MMC.

With the L300 set to be offered outside the Philippines, could this also mean that the factory might also produce other Mitsubishi and Nissan vehicles? Two months ago, Nissan announced that they are looking to build the Navara and Terra at MMPC's factory in Santa Rosa, Laguna. Should that come to fruition, Nissan's two best-selling models may join the L300, Mirage, and Mirage G4 as locally-built models.

Mitsubishi L300 export image

As Mitsubishi focuses more on development in the ASEAN region, the company projects that the Philippines will be able to have a total sales volume of 80,000 units by the fiscal year 2022. Not only that, but Mitsubishi is also looking at increasing its market share in the country from 16% to 17.8% within the next 2 years. Combined with the planned exportation of the L300 soon, and it looks like MMPC could be on its way as the next production hub in the ASEAN region.