After introducing its all-new Strada 4x4 pick ups late September, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines has secured the number one position in the 4x4 pick-up category for 2 consecutive months.

According to the combined Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines (CAMPI) and Truck Manufacturers Association (TMA) reports, the all-new Strada has sold 158 units out of 267 units for that segment in September for a remarkable 59% market share. Furthermore, the all new Strada contributed 72% of the 4x4 pick up category, as it sold 252 units in October out of total 352 4x4 pick ups retailed.

Froy Dytianquin, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines' AVP for Marketing Services, commented that "We remain to be optimistic with the sales of the all new Strada for the coming months as we try to expand its usage. The all new Mitsubishi Strada was built not just as a pick up but also as an everyday work horse vehicle for business, family and recreation. Therefore Mitsubishi Motors gave it fresh and exciting styling, superb running performance, best in class cabin roominess, a comfortable ride and SUV interior styling and trim". I would like to invite everyone to visit any of our dealerships and test drive our new Strada to find out why it is fast becoming the choice in the 4x4 pick up category.", Dytianquin added.

It can be recalled that the previous model Strada, was able to secure and retain market leadership of the 4x4 pickups for 7 straight years from the time it was introduced in 1997 and straight to 2003. Now Mitsubishi is aiming to repeat or even surpass this feat given the all new Strada's class leading features, good running performance and outstanding value for money proposition.

Aside its very unique and distinct styling, the all new Strada features the latest Turbocharged and Intercooled Direct Injection Diesel (DID) with Common Rail Diesel engine that is tuned to run on locally available diesel fuel. Furthermore the all new Strada boasts of having the roomiest cabin for better riding comfort at the same time having the running performance found on expensive SUVs.