Having released a teaser photo of what appears to be the roofline of an upcoming SUV Concept, Mitsubishi is poised to unveil the Ground Tourer Concept at the Paris Motor Show in October later this year.

Serving as a follow-up to the XR PHEV II and eX concepts, the Ground Tourer features Mitsubishi’s latest take on their ‘Dynamic Shield’ design language. The photo attached reveals a rather flat roofline painted in red, contrasting what appears to be a silver body. Door handles appear to be absent, and the side mirrors have been replaced by cameras. The front and rear profiles appear to be very sleek and slender, as evidenced by the long, tear-droppy headlights and tail lights. The lower profile of the concept has been masked in silhouette, but perhaps we should expect to see large diameter wheels housed inside its wells.

As early on in the reveal of the concept, Mitsubishi have yet to shed light on any details such as specs and powerplants. All we know is that the Ground Tourer will be powered by a Plug-in Hybrid system, making it a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) that has a powertrain which combines internal combustion with an electric motor and a battery pack.

We can expect more photos to break cover as the debut of the Ground Tourer Concept draws closer. However, it’s pretty farfetched to assume that any specifications found in concepts such as this will find their way into Mitsubishi models in the future. Perhaps the most we can expect from this exercise are certain details to rub off on the next-gen Outlander that may arrive in the near future.