The 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019 opens its doors from October 24 to November 24. With the event looming ever closer, manufacturers are working on what wares will wow show-goers. Mitsubishi, though, couldn’t seem to wait – sort of.

With a single, lone photo that you see here, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has just teased us with what they are touting as their new, small, plug-in, hybrid-electric SUV. With electrification clearly blazing its trail in mobility solutions, Mitsubishi’s concept car is a product of the marque’s electrification and all-wheel drive expertise and technologies.

It’s quite timely as well, given that crossovers have seen a significant surge in markets worldwide. Their new concept will be "an electric SUV that delivers unparalleled driving pleasure and confidence overall terrain in light and wind." Not many details were given, except that it will propose new values that combine practicalities of an SUV, the practicality of a PHEV, and the capability of 4WD. What we can expect, though, is that it will be a small, light-weight, plug-in hybrid which has an electric 4WD system.

Embodying Mitsubishi’s brand message 'Drive Your Ambition', the concept aims to reassure us its safety and everyday drivability, while allowing drivers of all abilities to push further on asphalt, or on unmade and rough roads.

Sure, it may be a concept, but with crossovers and electrified cars being pushed out by manufacturers at a very quick rate, we can probably hope that it makes it into production.