There's no doubt that the Xpander is one of Mitsubishi's best selling models today. In fact, the automaker even had to increase production at the lone Indonesia plant building it, to keep up with demand. They even plan to further expand the plant's capacity to produce the popular 7-seat model.

In order to supply more Xpander units in the region, Mitsubishi Motor Corporation (MMC) will start producing the Xpander in Vietnam by 2020.

Currently, Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam (MMV) already produces the Outlander in their local plant. However, they will be improving the production line as well as the plant's capacity to start production of the Xpander in the region. According to MMC, Xpander sales in the Southeast Asian region have been continuously increasing since production began in 2017. In Vietnam, approximately 14,000 units of the Xpander were sold in 2018 alone, doubling sales compared to the year prior. Furthermore, Xpander sales in the country continue to be strong this year.

“We will strive for this new effort here in Vietnam, which is to produce high quality cars and satisfy more customers in Vietnam. I am confident that this challenge will set our business in Vietnam with continuous growth while facilitating growth in the country's automotive market and regional economy in terms of employment, human resources development, investment, and technology transfer,” said Osamu Masuko, chairman of MMC.

Considering that Vietnam is a left-hand drive country, could there be a possibility that we will get future Xpander units from Vietnam instead of Indonesia (as they are right-hand drive)? With that in mind, it also raises the question of why MMC chose Vietnam rather than the Philippines. For those not in the know, Mitsubish Motors Philippines (MMP) currently builds the Mirage G4 and the (soon-to-return) L300 at its plant in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.