Who makes the toughest truck out there? Mitsubishi wants you to say its them, and they've just put out a concept to sway you towards them. Dubbed the Triton Absolute, it's a beefed-up, off-road ready version of the Strada.

So what upgrades does the Triton Absolute have over the now pedestrian-looking Strada GLS?

Mitsubishi Triton Absolute is a Strada on steriods image 

For starters, it has uprated suspension featuring a 50 mm lift over the standard models. It looks it like it isn't just a lift either as the suspension track also appears to have been widened. The Strada Absolute then gets black alloy wheels finished in black, sporting what look like beadlocks. Those rims are then shod on Falken all-terrain tires for good measure. Last but not least are the front and rear skid plates, which is vital for protecting the pickup's underbelly when hitting the trails.

Mitsubishi Triton Absolute is a Strada on steriods image

That's not all. The Absolute also gets thicker body cladding surrounding the entire lower half of the car. As a result, it gets chunkier fenders and a wider stance. It also gains an aerodynamic sports bar with rails integrated on the sides. Then there's the roof-mounted LED lightbar, which was also seen in the L200 rescue vehicle shown a few weeks back. Lastly, the tailgate is a hat tip to Tritons and Stradas of the past, with the word Mitsubishi stamped on the metal. Mitsubishi didn't say if there was any tuning made under the hood, nor did they say if the interior gets a rugged makeover.

Mitsubishi calls the Absolute a concept, but judging by the way it looks, the rugged rig already looks set for production. But will Mitsubishi actually build it? In the Australian press release, there's a glimmer of hope. The release stated that the Triton Absolute will be, “showcased over the coming 12 months to gauge public interest and feedback”.

A promising sign indeed.