The new Mitsubishi Strada has been making waves since it was launched worldwide back in November. Since then, we've driven the standard model, we've shown you a kitted-up version with Ralliart goodies, but the Strada party isn't stopping there. Now, there's even a mountain rescue variant, and it looks the part.

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Not only that, Mitsubishi has used the reveal of the rescue vehicle to debut a new engine as well. Under the hood of this special Strada (dubbed L200 in European markets) is an enhanced version of their 2.2-liter turbodiesel engine. It gets AdBlue tech meaning it has cleaner emissions, according to Mitsubishi. For now, there are no technical specs available just yet. However, the non-AdBlue engine makes 177 PS so the new one should make about the same, or perhaps even more than the 2.4-liter's 181 PS figure. Transmission options include a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic, much like the 2.4-liter versions.

When it comes to the four-wheel drive system however, it is similar to the 2.4-liter Strada. It has the Super Select II 4WD system with Off-Road Mode Selector. That means the four-wheel drive system can be adapted to specific conditions, which should make driving up a mountain that bit easier. All-terrain tires have also been fitted to the special service Strada.

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So what makes this Strada a mountain rescue vehicle? First off, it has an integrated winch which can help pull other cars (or itself) out of tricky situations. It also has a modified bed cover which allows the rescuers to mount the recovery boards. There's even an electrical socket mounted on the top of the bed cover. To get to darker parts of the mountains, two powerful LED lights are mounted on the roof, and there's even a taller roof rail for good measure.

While we won't be seeing the Strada rescue vehicle in showrooms, you could see this stationed at mountain bases abroad when you go out on a hike or a trail. With off-roading experience that spans decades, the sight of one of these should be a reassuring one.