Since it was launched last March 1, 2018, the Mitsubishi Xpander has been proven a hit for the manufacturer with thousands and thousands sold last year. But just how successful is the Xpander in the Philippines? Turns out, it's very successful and more than enough for it to take the title of the country' best-selling small multi-purpose vehicle (MPV).

Despite being on the market for less than a year, Mitsubishi was able to overcome that by shifting 13,502 Xpander units within nine months. That puts the Xpander in the top-ten best-selling cars in the Philippines in 2018. It also makes the Xpander Mitsubishi Motors Philippines' third top seller in the country. The Montero Sport is still MMPC's best-seller with 16,148 sold, followed by the Mirage (including Mirage G4) at 14,810 units. With that, Mitsubishi has three of the ten best-sellers in the country.

Come March 2019, the Xpander turns a year old in the market while also marking its first full year in the Philippines. MMPC is confident that more Xpanders will find new homes in 2019. Not only that, they are also optimistic that they will see a rise in sales yet again this year. “With the strong supply and demand of the Xpander and with the introduction of the New Strada, we look forward to a more progressive year”, said MMPC executive vice president, Taichi Nakajima.

MMPC said that there will be more updated and upgraded models coming soon in the country. They didn't say which models they will be nor did they say if any all-new models will be launched in the Philippines this year. We're hoping the Delica D:5 will make its way here soon.