The MMDA has found a partial solution to the congestion on the roads that may be caused by floods in the rainy months ahead and the worsening traffic conditions nightly.

Send more traffic constables and enforcers to the streets.

After the massive traffic jam caused by flooding in various parts of Metro Manila last week, the MMDA will send ‘traffic constables’ to help motorists steer through flooded streets.

According to the MMDA, in times of flooding a traffic constable will be sent into the flooded area, determine its depth and if it is passable for vehicles and then guide said vehicles to guarantee continuous flow of traffic.

As for the heavy traffic even late at night, the MMDA will be deploying 200 traffic enforcers in three shifts starting at 5pm to 12mn. 

This is to increase their visibility on EDSA and C-5, and ensure motorists that traffic enforcers are present even late in the night especially.