The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has addressed the traffic congestion caused by market goers and delivery trucks at the Balintawak public market by installing concrete barriers.

Concrete barriers have now been placed from the A. Bonifacio exit ramp all the way to the first innermost lane of EDSA right beside the Balintawak market.

This effectively turns the first lane beside the sidewalk as a truck lane forcing delivery vehicles to enter it and preventing them from spilling over onto the other lanes of EDSA.  Gaps have been incorporated along the lane so that trucks can exit after unloading their goods.

The MMDA came to this measure after plastic barriers that were previously placed to control traffic were either removed or destroyed.

According to the agency, traffic has become noticeably better along the area with concrete barriers that they are contemplating extending it past the Balintawak market by at least 100 more barriers.