If your car's plate (or conduction sticker) ends in either 9 or 0, you can drive out today in the National Capital Region.

The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has just announced that number coding has been lifted today. That means you can take the major roads managed by the MMDA like EDSA, C5 and the like without fear of being apprehended for coding.

Surprisingly, the announcement also mentioned that coding is lifted until further notice; it appears that it may be for a longer period, not just today.

The news comes after the national government announced a lockdown-type quarantine of the National Capital Region covering the 17 cities (with 1 municipality) of Metro Manila. The quarantine will prevent domestic travel to and from the NCR, but will not restrict travel (presumably) within the NCR.

The MMDA's announcement is expected to be echoed by the other local government units of Metro Manila. 

Here's the surprising bit though: the announcement of the MMDA came after Makati's own announcement that number coding will be lifted today. The city of Makati generally has its own version of traffic rules and management. Usually, when the MMDA suspends the UVVRP (Unified Vehicle Volume Reduction Program) or number coding, Makati typically does not follow; even if they are a part of Metro Manila. As they say, "ganito kami sa Makati" (we are like that in Makati).

The lifting of the coding scheme is a logical move to allow people to move freely before the implementation of the NCR-wide quarantine which is set to begin on March 15.