From Roxas Boulevard to Quezon City, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has made true their promise to continue road-clearing operations in Metro Manila by turning their attention to obstructions in Balitawak.

Street vendors and illegally parked vehicles along streets in Balintawak were removed yesterday by the MMDA in order to improve vehicular traffic in the area.

According to MMDA head of clearing operations Francis Martinez, the road-clearing operation went smoothly and that street vendors voluntarily removed their stalls that were mounted on the road.

“There are no reports of any untoward incidents in the clearing operations. The stall owners are very cooperative and some of them are not really allowed to sell their goods on the side streets so they removed their stalls,” said Martinez.

MMDA personnel have been ordered to confiscate goods of vendors who insist on returning to their previous spots beginning today. Six motorcycles, three taxis and three pedicabs were also issued traffic violation tickets for illegal parking.

Part of the MMDA’s traffic decongestion methods also include diverting delivery trucks to Old Samson Road and Kaingan Road.