Five months after initial plans were made to create ‘bikini islands’ at the junctions of EDSA-North Avenue and EDSA-West Avenue, the area has undergone a major facelift which resulted in improved traffic flow and better travel time.

Prior to its transformation, these junctions were a major source of traffic congestion with the combination of jeepneys and buses crowding the tiny lanes barricaded by pink fences and numerous commuters standing by for PUVs that overstay in the Loading/Unloading zones.

"It is in addressing the sorry state of this busy intersection that the role of MMDA becomes critical.  This is an opportunity for our agency to put its best foot forward in improving the image of EDSA, and Metro Manila as a whole," said MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino.

The creation of ‘bikini islands’ has resulted in widening of these roads to accommodate more traffic – 7 lanes northbound and 6 lanes southbound - while also creating a visual guide for disciplined traffic flow.  This has hastened the pace of private and public vehicles while helping lessen the amount of accidents and collisions in the area as well.  Drainages in the area have also been rehabilitated to reduce the flooding problems in the area.

Research done by the MMDA Traffic Engineering Center reveal that there has been a 24.86 percent increase in average travel speed and 39.24% decrease in travel time in the area.

40 LED streetlights have also been installed, curbs repainted white, pavements marked, and hazard signs put in place for the safety of motorists and pedestrians.

The agency is also in the process of re-greening the area to lessen pollution’s harmful effects on society and the population while improving the area’s overall aesthetic view.