Benjamin 'Benhur' Abalos to devote his time as Marcos Jr.'s national campaign manager

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) will have to look for a new Chairman to lead the agency. This comes after current MMDA Chairman Benjamin ‘Benhur’ Abalos Jr. announced that he has resigned from his post effective today.

“I would like to announce that I am resigning as MMDA Chairman. I have submitted my resignation letter. The campaign period is fast approaching, and I would need to devote my time to Senator Bong Bong Marcos’ campaign as his national campaign manager,” said Abalos in a press conference.

MMDA chief resigns to be Marcos campaign manager image

You read that right, Abalos will be leaving his post in the MMDA as Chairman in order to be former Senator Ferdinand ‘Bong Bong’ R. Marcos Jr.’s campaign manager, who is running for president in the 2022 elections.

Abalos was first appointed MMDA Chairman last January 11, 2021, after retired Philippine Army Brigadier General Danilo Lim passed away. During his tenure, Abalos made several changes in managing traffic in Metro Manila, particularly along EDSA.

MMDA chief resigns to be Marcos campaign manager image

Just last year, Abalos ordered the reopening of the General Tinio and Dario Bridge U-turn slots on EDSA in order to help motorists get around quicker. He also ordered the installation of traffic lights at the Dario Bridge and QC Academy U-turn slots along North EDSA in order to help traffic flow in the area.

In order to help motorcycle riders find shelter during torrential rains, Abalos also set up a motorcycle lay-by shelter near EDSA-Quezon Avenue. The agency was also able to recruit 300 new traffic aides under Abalos’ leadership in order to augment the workforce during the height of the pandemic.

MMDA chief resigns to be Marcos campaign manager image

Last but not least, the MMDA put up a modified number coding scheme. Unlike the regular number coding scheme where vehicles are banned from morning until late afternoon, the re-implemented number coding scheme will only be implemented from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM, Monday to Friday.  As such, motorists will not be apprehended for using a ‘coding vehicle’ in the morning.

The MMDA has yet to announce who will replace Abalos as the agency’s Chairman. But given the sudden resignation, a temporary Chairman could be appointed in order to help the MMDA manage its daily operations.