The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) implemented a new traffic rerouting scheme in New Manila, Quezon City as part of their 'Christmas Loop' on Friday, December 5, 2014. However, the agency's Traffic Engineering Center (TEC) apparently forgot to inform the public and their own Traffic Constables in advance about their new signs. This caused massive gridlocks and confusion among motorists and residents alike.

The thoroughfare of Broadway Avenue was rerouted to flow one-way from E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue towards Aurora Blvd instead of the normal flow which was the other way around.

Christmas Loop

The baffled Traffic Constables of the MMDA's 'Task Force Lawin' also found out about the new scheme when they were deployed to their respective assignments the same morning. "There was no memo issued, no instructions or maps given to us. We were caught by surprise ourselves seeing the signs that were placed before dawn according to the people here," said one of the constables who wished to be anonymous.

We also interviewed officials from Barangay Mariana who requested anonymity as well. They said their office received a 4-page letter from the MMDA on the evening of December 3rd regarding the agency's Truck Ban policy and a proposed Christmas Loop traffic scheme which will affect the area covered by the Barangay. However, without consultation and, the MMDA sent another letter the following evening stating they will implement a new scheme on the Morning of December 5.

The traffic flow was re-adjusted on Saturday, December 6 to a two-way scheme. But the information was not properly disseminated while one-way and no left-turn signs still remained until early evening.

Under the new supposed traffic scheme the routing will be as follows:

Two-way traffic along Broadway

Dona Juana Rodriguez / Broadway Avenue - two-way from E. Rodriguez Sr. to Aurora Blvd.

Victoria Avenue - two-way from E. Rodriguez Sr. to 4th Street

Two-way sign

As of this writing, the MMDA has replaced the one way sign with a makeshift non-reflective Two Way Traffic sign on the corner of Broadway Avenue and E. Rodriguez Sr., however confusion remains among motorists which included a standoff between two vehicles as witnessed by us.