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MMDA clearing up Christmas lanes, suspends all road works starting December 15


MMDA identifies 15 routes to take to avoid Christmas traffic

The MMDA has started work on clearing up obstructions and hazards along 15 routes they have labeled as ‘Christmas Lanes’ that motorists can take to avoid highly congested roads in Metro Manila.

They are also in the process of restoring the directional signs that may have been damaged or vandalized in the past few months on the ‘Christmas Lanes’ to guide motorists around the back roads of Metro Manila.

These routes will take motorists from Quezon City to Makati and vice-versa, Quezon City to Manila and vice-versa and there will also be alternative routes to busy shopping areas like Greenhils, Carriedo and Baclaran.


A map and directions will be posted on the MMDA website as soon as all the necessary ground work has been completed.

A few routes from last year’s ‘Christmas Lanes’ have been taken out due to ongoing road repairs in the area.

In line with traffic prevention this holiday season, starting December 15, the MMDA will suspend the issuance of permits to all road repairs, re-blocking and excavations to ensure a better flow of traffic.  The moratorium will last until January 15, 2014.

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