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MMDA clears it up: We will not sue motorists recording apprehension


MMDA will not assist enforcers in filing an Anti-Wiretapping case

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has finally cleared up the controversy regarding videotaping or recording an apprehension encounter with a MMDA traffic personnel.

As an agency, the MMDA vows that they will not sue motorists who will use video or audio recordings versus an MMDA traffic enforcer.

"Wala po. Hindi po. Ang MMDA po, bilang ahensya, ay hindi namin babalikan [ang motorista]," said MMDA Assistant General Manager for Operations Emerson Carlos in a radio interview.


[“No. The MMDA, as an agency, will not go after motorists (who use recording devices)”]

Traffic enforcers who feel like their rights have been violated can still file a case against motorists but will not get any assistance from the MMDA. They will have to seek legal representation by themselves.

"Bahala na silang maghanap ng legal team nila," added Carlos.

[“They will have to look for their own legal team.”]’s Legal Eagle, Atty. Paul Cornelius Castillo has also opined by stating that “It is difficult to conclude that under the foregoing circumstances, the communication between a traffic officer and a motorist is “private”, such that it receives protection from unauthorized recording.”


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