If you've been passing through EDSA lately, you'll notice that traffic back to the painfully slow, pre-pandemic normal. For that, motorists are blaming the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and their decision to close several U-turn slots as the main culprit.

Five U-turn slots along EDSA have been closed in order to speed up the travel of buses using the new EDSA Busway, but there have been reports taht two of those U-turn slots might eventually be reopened. According to MMDA General Manager Jojo Garcia, the agency is in the planning stage regarding the matter and are coordinating with the Department of Transportation (DOTr).

Garcia made it clear that nothing is definite just yet, but two U-turn slots that are being eyed to be reactivated are the ones for North Avenue and Congressional. Interestingly, the North Avenue U-turn slot was also one of the first to be closed by the MMDA last September.

If the MMDA does push through with the re-opening of several U-turn slots, it won't be like before. In an interview, Garcia said they are looking at new infrastructure to improve the flow of buses plying the EDSA Busway such as an elevated road or flyover. These, however, will be long term solutions. 

While motorists have been affected by the closure, the MMDA says bus commuters greatly benefited from it due to the shorter travel times while using the EDSA Busway. With the busway, MMDA's Jojo Garcia said in the interview that travel time from Monumento to Makati improved significantly from three hours to less than an hour. It could be improved even more once all 12 U-turn slots along EDSA are closed per the MMDA's plan.

Do you think the MMDA should push through with re-opening a few U-turn slots along EDSA or leave it as it is now?

Source: Jojo Garcia, ABS-CBN