Today would have been the 'big reveal' for motorists who were more than cavalier with their driving despite the implementation of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority's (MMDA) No-Contact apprehension policy (NCAP). The agency claims to have issued citations to at least 4900 motorists.

After announcing the launch of 'Na-Huli Cam Ka Ba?' on May 3, which is today, the MMDA has opted to postpone the launch after the agency encountered some technical issues including the 'placement of additional CCTV cameras to augment the already 250 units installed all around Metro Manila.

'Na-Huli Cam Ka Ba?' is an online database that uses Google Spreadsheet in order to list down the plate number of vehicles that violate traffic rules and regulations, including location, date, time, the traffic violation committed and the action taken by the MMDA.

While the 100 additional cameras are scheduled to be installed within this month, the agency has yet to announce the new launch date of the 'Na-Huli Cam Ka Ba?' online database.