The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) closed several U-turn slots along EDSA yesterday in order to make the new EDSA Busway more efficient. But it seems there was a bit of confusion regarding the status of three left-turning flyovers/ramps along EDSA, specifically the ramp going to Ortigas Greenhills, to Ortigas Meralco, and to Rockwell.

If you were watching the news yesterday, you might have heard them saying some left-turn ramps/flyovers along the major thoroughfare would be closed. Specifically, the report mentioned that the EDSA-Ortigas flyover going to Greenhills, EDSA-Ortigas flyover going to Meralco, and the EDSA flyover going to Rockwell will also be closed together with the 12 U-turn slots along EDSA.

After bringing up the issue with MMDA General Manager Jojo Garcia, we learned that this is not true, and that the report from the embattled TV station was an erroneous one. 

MMDA: EDSA flyovers to Meralco, GH, Rockwell will not be closed image

The issue is clear: the ramps were built at a time when urban infrastructure planning was unusual, to say the least. In other countries, left-turning ramps are typically positioned on the rightmost lane of a highway or expressway; these types of flyovers are not generally positioned on the fast lane/overtaking lane of a major thoroughfare.

In the meantime, these flyovers will remain open for motorists going to Ortigas, Greenhills, or the Rockwell areas. Furthermore, Garcia adds that the agency has already cleared up the issue with the TV station that aired (or streamed) the report regarding the left turn ramps and flyovers along EDSA.

Knowing that the left-turn ramps from EDSA going to Greenhills, Meralco, and Rockwell will not be closed is certainly good news. But, the closure of 12 u-turn slots along EDSA continues on. As such, motorists will now have to use the underpass and service road U-turn slots instead.

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