The 2019 South East Asian Games will be coming to a close tomorrow, and the MMDA has a very important announcement to make.

Expect heavy traffic tomorrow.

The closing ceremonies will start at 5:00 PM tomorrow at the New Clark Athletics Stadium in New Clark City. Delegates from different parts of the country will be making their way to the ceremonies prior to that throughout the day. The MMDA says that the athletes and staff will be headed to Clark 'after lunchtime' but did not mention a specific time.

Regardless, motorists should brace themselves during that time, says the agency. Expect delays along major thoroughfares, with EDSA getting a special mention by the MMDA. They have also requested the public and private sectors to keep the yellow lanes clear. That's because it will be used by the convoys of the delegates to get to New Clark City with minimal delay.

“Convoys will use the yellow lane and inserts towards flyover, and tunnel/underpass while traveling along EDSA. Motorists are advised to avoid the yellow lane and give way to the convoy,” said the MMDA in a statement. The MMDA will also deploy more constables in areas that will be traversed by the athletes in order to ensure smoother traffic flow for both motorists and the convoys.