After the successful road-clearing operations conducted in Baclaran, Pasay City, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) will be shifting its attention to other highly congested areas of Metro Manila.

The first area to receive the MMDA’s attention is Roxas Blvd. service road up to T.M. Kalaw area.

Business owners and operators in the area have already been advised about illegally-parked vehicles in front of their establishments and the MMDA’s duty to tow and impound these units if these are not removed.

“Like what we did in Baclaran, we had informed them that the service road should be cleared of obstruction to allow the unhampered flow of traffic. They have no choice but to comply,” said MMDA General Manager Tim Orbos.

Obstructions such as stalls, bollards and unauthorized signages will also be taken down by MMDA personnel.

Once road-clearing is complete, motorists can now use the four lanes of the service road from Vito Cruz up to T. M. Kalaw.

Next will be the 6-kilometer stretch of Roxas Boulevard from Baclaran to T.M. Kalaw.

In the long term but before the year ends, the MMDA also plans to clear Balintawak, Cubao, Quiapo, Alabang, Monumento and Divisoria in order to decrease congestion in Metro Manila.

“We have been informing them of President Duterte’s directive to decongest not only Roxas Blvd. but also the rest of the roads and streets in Metro Manila to ease the traffic condition. We want to continue these operations and to strike while the iron is hot, so to speak, and while we have the momentum on our side,” added Orbos.