Now who says the MMDA can't have a little bit of fun with their job?

A new Metropolitan Manila Development Authority microsite has just gone online wherein motorists can check if they had committed violations via the organization's new No Contact Apprehension Policy.

The MMDA has dubbed the project as “Na- Huli Cam Ka Ba?”, and has gone online via The site allows motorists to enter their plate number and check whether they have committed a traffic violation, as tagged by the numerous CCTV cameras that the MMDA has in operation around select areas in the metro.

The system, according to the MMDA, will display the number and types of violation/s committed. Information such as location, time as well as date will be displayed on the screen.

The site, according to the MMDA, was set up “in a bid to promote transparency with the government’s open data government”. Unlike a traffic enforcer, there is no arguing with what a CCTV camera sees, nor are there potential opportunities for solicitation of bribes.

Amusingly, after a negative query, the website will display some rather amusing messages such as “Wala... tulad nung promise niya nung naging kayo”, “Wala... parang yung chances ng isang Presidentiable” and, “Wala... pero message mo si James Deakin, baka may video siya of you”.