MMDA hopes to lessen EDSA traffic with plastic and concrete barriers


Cones and concrete to lessen EDSA traffic, says MMDA

Since Monday, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has employed a new strategy to combat the worsening condition of vehicular traffic along EDSA, installing plastic cones and concrete barriers at strategic areas/choke points to prevent vehicles from swerving into lanes at the last second causing a traffic build-up.

According to Crisanto Saruca of the MMDA, these new installations will be initially placed in the following areas:

Plastic cones will precede concrete barriers in order to alert motorists of the upcoming segregation of lanes.

Aside from instilling road discipline and preventing swerving from causing traffic, the MMDA also sees the ‘barriers’ as accident-deterrents by preventing vehicles from sideswiping each other.

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