Starting today until January 31, 2015, the MMDA will implement the new ‘one truck lane’ policy allowing trucks to use C5 during window hours to address the backlog of deliveries of goods.

Resolution Number 05 Series of 2014 slightly amends the truck ban by allowing trucks to use the innermost lane between 10am to 5pm and then again from 10pm to 6am daily.

This does not disallow private vehicles from using the innermost lane during truck ban hours.

The new policy has also changed the traffic scheme along C5.  All U-turns, except for ones under the flyovers, have been closed.  The MMDA has opened three intersections managed by signal lights and manned by 70 traffic enforcers to ensure smooth traffic flow.

Trucks are banned from parking on C5 at any time.  Violators of this and the new policy will received a P2,000 fine and be considered for blacklisting by the MMDA.