Will the new traffic lights along North EDSA actually help alleviate traffic?

With the holiday season drawing closer, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is looking for ways to alleviate traffic during this time of the year. As pandemic restrictions continue to loosen, more people are back on the road. As a result, traffic along major thoroughfares such as EDSA is slowly returning to pre-pandemic levels.

To better manage traffic along some of the busiest sections of EDSA, the MMDA recently installed two traffic signal lights along the major roadway. Located near the Quezon City Academy and Dario Bridge U-turn slots, the MMDA says that the new traffic lights will help smoothen the flow of traffic in the area.

MMDA Chairman Benhur Abalos led the ceremonial switching of the new traffic lights at the two EDSA U-turn slots. According to Abalos, the new traffic lights will not only help improve traffic flow, but it will also reduce the number of traffic enforcers that man the area.

MMDA installs traffic lights at Dario Bridge, QC Academy U-turn slots image

Currently, there are a total of eight MMDA personnel deployed in the said areas. With the new traffic signals now operational, they can be deployed in other locations along EDSA.

“We are gearing towards this holiday season. Hence, we have installed traffic signal lights on the said areas to improve road safety, pedestrian movement as well as reduce travel time. It is operational 24/7. Also, I thank Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte for being our partner, especially on traffic management initiatives,” said Abalos.

Originally, both the Dario Bridge and Quezon City Academy U-turn slots were closed to traffic to make way for the EDSA Carousel. However, they were reopened back in December last year to help decongest traffic during peak hours.

Will the new traffic signals help manage traffic along North EDSA, or will it cause more traffic buildup on the already busy roadway? Let us know in the comments.