So you feel the need for speed while driving around town? Not that anyone should be doing so, but motorists going beyond 60 km/h on major roads will soon be apprehended. 

Last month, the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) announced that they are planning to set a 60 km/h speed limit for the whole of Metro Manila. Now, the agency has published MMDA Regulation No. 19-001 which establishes the new 60 km/h speed limit for motor vehicles ‘traversing the circumferential and radial roads in Metro Manila’. 

To be specific, circumferential roads included in the list are Recto Avenue, Quirino Avenue, Araneta Avenue, EDSA, C.P. Garcia Avenue and Southeast Metro Manila Expressway. Meanwhile, radial roads such as Roxas Boulevard, Taft Avenue, Magallanes portion of South Luzon Expressway, Shaw Boulevard, Ortigas Boulevard, Magsaysay Boulevard/Aurora Boulevard, Quezon Avenue/Commonwealth Avenue, A. Bonifacio Avenue, Rizal Avenue, and Marcos Highway are also bound by the new 60 km/h speed limit.

MMDA issues regulation on 60km/h speed limit in Metro Manila image

Drivers found in violation of the new regulation shall be fined Php 1,000 on each instance. The MMDA is said to use speed guns in order to apprehend speeding motorist. 

MMDA General Manager Jojo Garcia previously mentioned that the new 60 km/h speed limit could help reduce accidents and potential loss of lives in Metro Manila, particularly in off-peak hours and in the early morning.

Interestingly, the regulation exempts buses and trucks from the new speed limit. It specifically says that ‘the Metro Manila Council hereby establishes 60 km/h as the maximum speed limit of all motor vehicles, except for trucks and buses’.

The new 60 km/h speed limit in Metro Manila roads is set to be implemented before the month ends.