If your Waze experience has been nothing but ‘super’, brace yourself because it is about to get much better.

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has just announced that it has partnered with traffic navigation app Waze to be able to provide users with information regarding road conditions in Metro Manila.

Currently, Waze, under its Connected Citizens Program, relies on crowdsourced information regarding traffic conditions.

This new partnership with the MMDA, will now provide the Waze Connected Citizens Program with real-time government-reported construction, crashes, road closure, and flood incidents so that users can get up-to-date information before setting their route.

The MMDA will also provide details of mall events, seasonal processions and weather reports.

In return, the MMDA will receive Waze’s user-based traffic data collected from 1 million commuters in Metro Manila to update information on the MMDA app.

“This is a win-win partnership. MMDA’s data will contribute to better routes and Waze data will give MMDA wider incident coverage and public outreach, which we can study to improve our traffic management today and in the long term,” said Julia Nebrija, MMDA Assistant General Manager for Operations.

“Waze welcomes Metropolitan Manila Development Authority, our first partner in the Philippines, to the Connected Citizens Program. No one knows more about what is happening on the roads than Wazers, and MMDA will be able to use these anonymous insights to further promote safer roads. This exchange empowers Waze users. MMDA and its broader community to work together to improve mobility within the Philippines,” said Paige Fitzgerald, program manager of Waze Connected Citizens Program.