In sync with its relentless efforts to rid its rank of unscrupulous personnel, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA)launched the Metro Solusyon website earlier this week at the MMDA grounds in Makati City.

The Metro Solusyon website, is patterned after India's 'I paid a bribe' website but made more serious, it is a website where you can report complaints officially against any MMDA personnel involved in corrupt practices (i.e. lagay, kotong, payola) or other illegal activities, the website can be accessed through

According to Chairman Francis Tolentino, the website aims to foster transparency and active civic participation in finding solutions to various metro-wide concerns

"The main premise of the Metro Solusyon website is Ako Kasama sa Solusyon. I am urging the public to report complaints/incidents involving MMDA employees, laud or commend a good deed done by our personnel, and suggest possible solutions to the problems of Metro Manila," Tolentino said.

Anyone who wishes to report any incident must login first. Complaints must include the full name of the complainant together with the specific date, time and place where the incident happened. They will receive a confirmation notice if their report was received successfully and will be given a reference number which they can use for follow-up.

"We will verify the complaints first before we publish it to the website in order to protect our personnel from bogus and malicious reports. But we will investigate right away complaints which are truthful," Tolentino said.

The public has responded warmly to the agency's efforts of communicating through social networking sites, as evident in the MMDA Twitter account, now regarded as the most active among government Twitter accounts.