No need to go to the MMDA main office for your appeals

Have you ever felt as if you were wrongfully apprehended by the authorities but wouldn't be bothered to go to their main office and file an appeal? Well, the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is taking steps to make it more convenient for you.

MMDA has announced today, September 23, that they are launching an online filing platform where motorists who have been issued a traffic violation ticket can file for an appeal and contest the apprehension.

MMDA launching online platform for traffic violation appeals image

This move will definitely make the appeal process much more convenient, as motorists can file their complaints 24/7, removing the hassle of going to the MMDA's main office.

But of course, motorists are also being reminded not to be too trigger-happy when it comes to their appeals. Users who will provide false information or inappropriate supporting files may be disqualified from using the MMDA's online application. Or worse, be charged with perjury.

For now, MMDA is yet to reveal full details on how to use the online traffic appeal site. But we'll keep an eye on this developing story. Stay tuned.